Colores del Pacífico Bed & Breakfast

Amazing location overlooking the beach and the ocean on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, lush tropical environment close to the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica's north pacific coast.Enjoy the beauty of the ocean in your private deluxe ocean-view room or suite with cool water jacuzzi.Feel comfortable in the midst of nature and watch the sunset from your terrace.

Rooms & Packages

Rooms are a 10-minutes walk down to the beach.
Starting at $149 including breakfast and taxes.

  • Gorgeuous ocean view room with terrace and hammack.

    Amazing ocean view suite with private terrace, super mini pool, loundge area and hammack.

    Ocean view with Flamingo in the back ground

  • Portfolio Item

    Single occupancy

    Ocean view 149$
    Ocean view suite 199$

    Portfolio Item

    Double occupancy

    Ocean view 189$
    Ocean view suite 239$

    Portfolio Item


    Ocean view suite

  • Portfolio Item

    4 days\ 3 nights health and Wellness package

    Ocean view 000$
    Ocean view suite 000$

    Portfolio Item

    4 days \ 3 nights adventure and surfing lessons package

    Ocean view 000$
    Ocean view suite 000$

    Portfolio Item

    8 days \ 7 nights

    Special package with Amatierra Retrat & Wellness Center


Water :

Surf or bodysurf initiation








Sea-Kayak (with snorkeling optional) with guide




Sunset cruises on catamaran


Earth :

Leatherback turtle nesting


Quad Tours


Mountain biking


Horseback riding






Canopy tour/zip lining


Palo verde and guatil


Rincón de la vieja volcano


Arenal Volcano



Manicure, pedicure and facial, provided by local women, trained by professional beautician.

Other :

Walking on the beach
Guided meditation every day
Bio energetic cooking, individual program
Dance classes

Wellness Services

With Dr Jutta Heinz

Personal program and first consultation.
She performs holistic medicine and emphasizes the need to consider the whole person including an analysis of the physical,
nutritional, environmental, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle factors. Work focuses are holistic medicine, nutritional medicine,
chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, menopause, osteoporosis and cancer.

With Betto Romano

Holistic health guidance. The exercices are based on Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gung.
They enhance lung capacity and remove habitual bad postures. They facilitate the alignment of the body's energetic centers
and bring a state of relaxation and general well being. The movements are smooth and harmonious.
They strengthen the body in a non-aggressive manner and improve and stimulate the immune system.
Betto works on the energy lines (meridians) and muscle structure, opening and bringing flexibility to the joints.
He uses acupressure and different massage techniques, working deep into the muscles to remove blocked energy,
restoring the body to its original state of peace and vitality!

With Jim Haag

Chiropractic: Mr. Haag uses a variety of techniques, including motion palpation and a unique non-extension adjusting
which is extremely comfortable to receive.
Trigger point : this is a system for localizing the areas of spasm, adhesion and pain, then applying digital pressure until they dissipate.
Reflexology : this is a method of palpating the feet to locate points which are analogues to organ systems and energy points
(similar to acupuncture points without needles).
Deep tissue : the goal of this massage is to search out muscles that are the source of chronic compensation patterns
and work out stored lactic acid.
Lymphatic massage : he uses very specific light touch technique to open up lymphatic blockages
and encourage the body's natural drainage channels of fluids and toxins.

With Cathy Vanhabost

Thai massage : gives you flexibility and helps long life, prepares for yoga
Hatha yoga
Water gymnastics



Professional surfing lessons for all levels.
Enjoy Costa Rica's best surfing beaches, enjoy peaceful moments in the water and the nature around you.



Professional surfing lessons for all levels.
Enjoy Costa Rica's best surfing beaches, enjoy peaceful moments in the water and the nature around you.



Diving on the northern pacific coast of Costa Rica can only be described as spectacular. The professional and certified diving company will take you to world-famous Catalina Islands. These islands are considered among the most attractive dive sites in Costa Rica.
There are several dive spots with depth ranging from 40ft. to more than a 100ft.
Visibility depends upon the levels of plankton and nutrients. It varies from 20ft. to 100ft. with an average of 45ft. approximately.



Guided or unguided trips to the amazing white sand beach of Playa Conchal.
The warm turquoise waters are excellent for snorkeling with a diverse wildlife. You can also find a natural reserve nearby.



Paddling a kayak on the ocean can be an exciting way to experience Costa Rica's marine and coastal wonders. Sea-kayaking allows you the opportunity for a closer look at sealife from another perspective.
From flying fish and sea turtles to frigate birds and pelicans.



A great way to discover the beautiful beaches, esmerald water and stunning scenery of Costa Rica.
Dolfins and turtles are frequently spotted on the jetski tour.



Sailing along the coast with the wind in your hair is an experience you will never forget.
Watch dolfins and turtles as you glide along the water.
Food and drinks included.


LEATHERBACK NESTING TOUR ( from november to january)

Las Baulas National Park is located on the pacific coast of Costa Rica.
The leatherback is the largest turtle, reaching a shell length of 1.7 m and a mass of 700 kg. Guides are from a local community, they roam the beach and lead groups to nesting turtles.
Groups can not exceed 15 people, and only 60 people are allowed onto the beach at night.



Get picked up at your hotel and enjoy half a day of adventure touring some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica.
Prepare for a rush of excitement, some unbelievable scenery and to get yourself covered in mud.



There are various bike trails in the lush tropical forest. Ride along the beach at low tide and stay fit!



Playa Conchal will provide the starting point for horseback riding.
Tours can be scheduled by the hour, and early morning or evening before sunset are the most pleasant tour times.
Enjoy galoping on the beach, an experience you will never forget!



There are two world-class golf courses nearby. Both with lush tropical landscaping and views of the ocean.



You have the option between hard and soft surface tennis courts.
The court also has lights for tennis after sunset.



Experience an amazing adventure by zip lining through the forest.
Discover monkeys, iguanas, birds and many tropical plants.
Safe and secure for all ages.



Palo Verde offers boat tours on the Tempisque river where you can see lots of wildlife. The scenery is breathtaking.
Guatil is a small village tucked behind the mountains where locals have made pottery for generations. Discover the village and its artists.



Rincon de la Vieja is a national park on the slopes of a semi-active volcano. There are many hiking trails in the park and beautiful waterfalls with natural pools to swim in, among other activities.

A magical place !



One of the most active volcano in the Americas.
Arenal volcano is a wonder of nature ( Magical, symetrical and impresive ! ).
Lush tropical rain forest and many activities around the volcano.


Jutta Heinz, MD, is a German surgeon with doctorate in neurology.

She performs holistic medecine and emphasizes the need to consider the whole person,
incluiding analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle factors.

She studied also Natural and Sport Medecine.


Betto Romano
Certified massage therapist and Shiatsu master.

He has worked in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and USA,
which has given him the opportunity
to teach and learn new massage modalities.

He has been Tai-Chi-Chuan and Chi-Kun instructor
for more than 10 years.·


James Haag : DC from National University of Health Sciences
and began private practice in 1989.

He then went on to earn his diplomat in Chiropractic Neurology in 1994.
Today he incorporates components of Trigger Point work, Reflexology
and Applied Kinesiology into his practice.


Owner of Colores del pacifico, Cathy Vanhabost has 20 years experience
in Hatha yoga and works in individual session in therapeutic yoga.

She is certified in Thai massage from Yoga Mandir school in Costa Rica.
She is astrologer, from the humanist school, with 15 years experience.


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Info & Location

Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, del banco nacional de Flamingo 300mts sur, 250 mts oeste

+506 8866 5219